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Two Way Crossing (Live at The Oriental)
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Two Way Crossing (Live at The Oriental)

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New YouTube Video Series! …And Dirt?

So far, this has been an incredible summer concert series and we have been overwhelmed with the response you’ve all shown us!!!  We have been told that a lot of you really like the acoustic portions of our show, so

  • Start of Summer Tour

    Does Denver like country music?!  Well, by the looks of it from our show this past Wednesday…  Yes, Wednesday (not even a weekend!) it was a pretty rockin’ night of country music in Denver! We just got back from our

  • Mixin’ It Up

    This past week we’ve been working with Alex Jarvis on getting all of our mixing done.  It’s been incredible to see the progress from a work tape to a full blown incredibly sounding track.    It’s a process making sure

  • Layin’ It Down

    We have been fortunate enough in this business so far to meet some really great people who have been clearing the road for us thus far. More a blessing than we ever could have asked for. We have done the

  • Two Way Crossing (Live at The Oriental Theater)

    Alrighty friends, after piecing together video parts from our Oriental Theater show we finally have a finished product!!!! Hope you like it!!  

  • Nashville or Bust

    Nashville or bust has been part of our lives since around Thanksgiving of this past year.  It was an idea that turned slowly into reality a little more every day.  Now we are here and are loving Tennessee and how

  • The Oriental Theater Video Shoot

    Things have been going crazy with us over the past few weeks.  The “all good” kind of crazy!  We just moved into our house in Nashville (which is AMAZING and we’re so excited to live where we do) and we’re

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